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The Only Song

by Peace Warrior Karl (age 11)

The Universe
In all of its Awe
Is nowhere and everywhere
No one and all

Galaxies, Comets,
Planets, Stars,
All were once
Smaller by far

We’re made of stardust,
Me and you,
Everything else?
It’s stardust, too

Death recycles,
Life goes on,
Nobody’s right
Nobody’s wrong

Who has the answers?
Nobody knows
And yet we live on,
We come and we go

We hop in our planes
And drive in our cars
Whether going next door
Or shooting for stars
We hurry and bustle
From place to place
Unaware that
We were made in space

Everything’s a dream
From the sights, the sounds,
To the Science of how
The world goes ‘round and ‘round

This beautiful dream
In which we are blind
Can be transformed
By using your Mind

We’re made of stardust,
Me and you,
Everything else?
It’s stardust, too

The Universe has
No rights and no wrongs,
That’s why we call it
The Universal Song

Peace Warriors Opens registration for fall 2015 groups!

2015-16 Peace Warriors Groups Forming Now!

Peace Warriors is currently enrolling for the mentorship program beginning in November 2015. Circles meet once a month and explore aspects of their boyhood and family that will enliven their sacred masculine qualities and guide them on the transition from boyhood to the age of the scout.

Groups will begin meeting in early November and will meet once a month through June. Tuition and supplies are $450.

Contact Matt Bibeau for more information at 503-351-2075 or by email at