Inspire Boys…..Build a Better Future

“Whereas childhood is mostly about growth, youth is more about radical change. Before youth can become old enough to be responsible, they must become ancient enough to awaken to who they are at heart.”    — Michael Meade

Our mission is to contribute the restoration of balance in the soul of humanity

Peace Warriors is a learning community designed to inspire, educate, and support boys 9 to 13 as they transition into their lives as young men. Our program connects boys with their innate spirituality, encourages a radiant self-esteem, prepares them for rites-of-passage into manhood, and explores wisdom teachings of many cultures.

Peace Warriors is rooted in building a deeper sense of self-awareness in boys. Our curriculum embraces the broad spectrum of being a boy in our society today: mind, body, spirit and emotions. We feel that as boys develop a stronger sense of “wisdom found within”, they can find then the courage to become who they really are.

Peace Warriors encourages radiant self-esteem, explores wisdom teachings from diverse cultures, and honors an appreciation for our ancestors. We are an essential component of our “village” helping to raise our children.

Peace Warriors is modeled after Maiden Spirit, a girls mentorship program designed by Georgette Star. Please check out: www.maidenspirit.com Georgette is the founder/director of Peace Warriors, which has five mentors and began in 2008. We are men in our mid-thirties and successful in various professions. We instill in boys that life is sacred and that youth is to be celebrated.

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