What’s right with YOUth

Our style of mentorship is unique.  Peace Warriors begins with the question, “What is right with you?”  We know that individuals have a gift within themselves.  It is too easy to dwell in what’s wrong with each of us, yet we’d rather begin the beautiful path of finding the gifts that each one of us has within.  It is our role to listen to the youth, to ask them what inspires them and then to draw out the gift within each of the youth.
Our nine-month curriculum follows these general themes:
Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I?
The Seasons of a Man’s Life
Symbols of the Sacred Male
Male Faces of God
I create!
What is my purpose?

Teaching Tools
meditation | creativity and self-expression | self-reflection | sacred space | ceremony | cooperation and communication

Wisdom Teachings
Teachings that are timeless and come from various ancient traditions.  At the core of all of these teachings are lessons about being open minded, living through your heart, honoring our ancestors, giving back to our community, and developing a strong character.

Life Is Sacred
Peace Warriors operates at a fundamental level using what we call Sacred Space Agreements to help create an environment that is safe and comfortable for all participants, while maintaining a spiritual or sacred tone:
Purpose | Confidentiality | Compassionate | Truth | Contribution | Integrity | Respect   | Communication | Light-heartedness | Participation

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