Meet the Mentors

Matt Bibeau
Matt Bibeau has been working in the complementary fields of Environmental Education and Youth Services for most of his adult life. He served as a Community Skills Worker, Job Coach and Youth & Family Counselor before graduating with a BA in Environmental Science and realizing a childhood dream of living and working in the National Parks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Recognizing a deeper need for bridging the two fields, Matt returned to school for a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Education and specialized in Garden-Based Ed, a field he has dedicated himself to for the last 5 years. Matt is a school garden educator & consultant, a core organizer of the City Repair Project’s Village Building Convergence, board member of The Learning Gardens Institute and Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., and is a resident at Tryon Life Community Farm, where he teaches Permaculture Design, leads educational programs for students, youth and adults and hosts a Peace Warriors Mentorship Circle.

Aaron Hubbs
Aaron Hubbs is a man of many talents; he is a father and husband, an educator, a musician, storyteller and poet, an athlete and outdoor enthusiast, and a practitioner of naturopathic and Chinese medicine.  Throughout life Aaron has honored the practices of mentorship and service work and has enjoyed much time “giving back”. Aaron says he has always lived life in an “experiential” way and having a diverse range of knowledge and experience has brought him back to the simple truth that boys need positive male role models. As a PW mentor, Aaron is invested in supporting the boy’s journey during this transitional time.

Brandon Landis
Brandon Landis has been doing work on spirituality and gender for over 20 years. He has practiced within a number of different spiritual traditions, studying with teachers as varied as Don Miguel Ruiz in the Toltec tradition, Tibetan Rinpoches from the Nyingma and Dzogchen lineages, Qi Gong masters and Native American elders. His interests have always centered on being in nature – especially finding ways to participate in the out of doors through activities like fly fishing, mushroom hunting, and body surfing.  As a balance to all this, Brandon worked as a Journeyman union electrician for over 12 years before turning his attention towards education.  He has also been married for over a decade, and is the proud father of a 1-year-old pirate diva named Vivian.

Ryan Pinkham
Ryan has over ten years experience working with youth either as a teacher, counselor, or mentor.  Presently, he has a MS in Environmental Studies and holds a MAT in Education.  He has also been on his own spiritual quest since 1999 and has had the wonderful opportunity to work with truly enlightened teachers. He embodies the concept of living through his heart instead of living in his head, and uses these gifts in the role as mentor.  He is fascinated by our potential as people; since we are amazing beings with the capacity for great kindness, creativity, compassion, and insight. He does mentorship work to help make this a better world.  A world in which people are happy within their hearts.  A world in which people have dreams and live them.

Scott Yelton
Scott Yelton holds a Master’s degree from Portland State University where he studied educational programs that focused on the four “E”s of sustainability: environment, employment, equity, and education. He has been a community organizer for southeast Portland neighborhoods, and is dedicated to creating a world that is livable, ecologically sustainable, bio-culturally diverse, and socially just.  His current interest is in connecting community and government through social media to strengthen collaboration. For enjoyment, Scott likes to sneak off to the mountains and the Oregon Coast with his family for hiking, biking, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Georgette Star, MA, D.Min
Raised in an atmosphere of holistic health, I began my spirit journey in childhood, with the help of my beloved parents. My search evolved into the study of East and Western spiritual traditions, indigenous and goddess spirituality traditions, western psychology, and numerous alternative healing art forms. These explorations have been enriched through world travel in Europe, India, Nepal, Bali, and Mexico. Creative self-expression has been a golden thread of integration and joy. I received a BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Humboldt State University, an MA in Creation Spirituality from the Naropa Institute and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Creation Spirituality. I bring over two decades of life experience as healer/teacher to my heart-work Life Blessing youth programs Maiden Spirit and Peace Warriors. Now a grandmother, I express my passion for creation by igniting the beauty, genius, and creative spark in others.

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