•    Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living – John Roger, D.S.S.
•    Crossroads – Mahdi/Christopher/Meade
•    The Thundering Years – Johnson
•    Betwixt & Between – Mahdi
•    The Elder Within – Terry Jones
•    “Iron John” by Robert Bly

•    “Wisdom” by Andrew Zuckerman (
•    The Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence
•    “Digital Nation” PBS Frontline
•    “Tough Guise” – YouTube video on what it means to be a man
•    Michael Meade – Mosaic Voices

Magazine Articles:
•    ODE Magazine: The hidden spirituality of men
•    EnlightenNext Magazine (formerly “What is Enlightenment”)

Maiden Spirit
Maiden Spirit: Girls Empowerment and Rites-of-Passage Program
A learning community designed to inspire, educate, and support girls 9-13 as they connect with their innate spirituality, develop radiant self-esteem, prepare for a conscious Rite-of-Passage at menarche and learn to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Life Blessing Institute
Peace Warriors and Maiden Spirit are programs offered by the Life Blessing Institute. The Mission of the Life Blessing Institute is the creation of a healthier world through cultivation of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of balance in the Soul of Humanity. We are dedicated to the renewal of the Sacred Feminine principles, values and skills of: inner focus, intuitive knowing, interconnectivity, compassion, care giving, and positive relationship with our bodies, our planet and our universe.

Life Blessing Institute / Maiden Spirit
Phone: 503-631-3906 | Email:

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