Peace Warriors Boys Mentorship Program
Designed to inspire, educate, and support boys ages 9 – 13 as they transition into their lives as young men.  Peace Warriors helps boys transform by helping restore the Sacred Masculine while embracing the Scared Feminine, and seeking the balance between the two.

Groups of 4-8 boys meet with their Mentor once a month for three-four hour wisdom circles between September and June. Peace Warrior Mentors are men in the community devoted to the transition of adolescence and have completed a nine-month certification program through the Life Blessing Institute.

Participation of the boy’s family through home assignments enriches open communication between parents and son. Boys are encourage to return for year two and complete our Right-of-Passage program.

Peace Warriors Right-of-Passage Program
Designed to provide the boys with a Rite-of-Passage process to honor their transition through this time in their life.  Rather than provide answers, Peace Warriors leads with questions, such as “What does it mean to be a man?” Using Wisdom Teachings that are timeless and draw from ancient traditions, we draw out the boys’ innate wisdom and intuitive self. (Completion of Mentorship Program required)

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